Chores, Hot Dogs, and Sharks: Another Week in Brunswick, Georgia

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 5/29/2022 – 6/5/2022

Have you seen our latest YouTube video? It’s a day in the life vlog + we show you what’s in our ditch bag!

This was a typical week on the dock for us: lots of cleaning, polishing, and organizing, alongside plenty of cocktails and local food.

I won’t bore you with the long list of chores we completed, but here are the highlights—

  • Ray washed and waxed the boat, and I finished polishing our stainless!
  • I cleaned and buffed some UV protectant into our helm seat.
  • Ray ordered an outdoor grill cover that fits our helm seat pretty well + will protect it when not in use, saving us a custom cover order and likely lots of $$$!
  • Ray sanded and applied varnish to the seats on the bow = no more butt splinters!! 👏🏼
  • I took advantage of the marina’s free laundry facilities and washed just about every piece of fabric on the boat. 
  • We discovered a new isinglass cleaner that dramatically improved the clarity of our helm enclosure. 
  • We flew the drone!!

Pretty exciting, huh? Here are some pics:

We also attended the marina happy hour, and word has gotten out about our YouTube channel, so everyone has been stopping by to say hi, which has been so fun! 

We ate and drank our way through just about everything on the menu at Reid’s Apothecary, tracked down the best hot dog in town (spoiler alert: it’s from two dudes with a folding table in a parking lot), and took the dinghy out to explore the area. 

During our dinghy excursion, we saw the OCEARCH ship! 

OCEARCH is an at-sea laboratory that tracks and conducts research on sharks! They have a state-of-the-art hydraulic platform that allows them to lift sharks out of the water safely to collect samples before releasing them. Their process is fascinating; if you want to check it out, here is a short video of them catching, lifting, and taking samples from a great white shark in Florida. They’re also the team behind the shark tracker app! I’m choosing not to think about why they might be here in Brunswick, though. Ignorance is bliss. 😌 🦈 🙉

In other news, Ray helped a fellow sailor out this week! A catamaran came in with only one working engine, so Ray assisted them on our dinghy to ensure they could make the necessary maneuvers to get onto the dock safely. 

Luckily, the owner said they just needed to replace a fuel filter and didn’t have a spare on board, so it should be an easy fix now that they’re here. 

Anyway, that’s all I have to tell you about this week! We’re getting ready to go on a trip soon, so today, we’re going to pack and eat whatever’s left in our fridge. What are you up to today? ❤️

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