Change of Plans!

Oh, hey!

I’ve skipped a couple of weeks, so let’s get you caught up-

On June 7th, we headed to the airport- straight from marina happy hour- and flew down to the US Virgin Islands to help deliver a boat back up to Georgia. 

Unfortunately, the delivery fell through at the last minute, so Ray and I were forced to make a little vacation out of it. Our friends (and previous Sabado crew) came to the rescue- they invited us over to the boat they work on, which was on anchor in St. Thomas. The 4 of us spent the afternoon swimming, enjoying the sunshine, and figuring out what the heck we were going to do next. Luckily, they were in between charters, so we got to spend the night on their beautiful boat while we sorted out our plan (you can check out their boat/book a luxury charter with them here!). 

The next day we decided to take the ferry over to St. John and check into a hotel while we waited for flight prices to go down. We tried to make the best of it- we did all sorts of eating, drinking, and exploring- but we were eager to get back to Sabado. Here are a few photos from this unintentional vacation😅: 

We flew back to Georgia the following week, and both came down with a flu-like bug. Our COVID tests were negative, so we rested up, happy to be back in our own bed. 

Once we recovered, we jumped into action. Our last-minute “vacation” had absolutely blown our budget for the month, so we decided we better get off the dock ASAP to save some money. We canceled our dock-reliant plans for July, ordered the last few things we needed, and got to work. 

Ray taught himself how to put an eye splice in our new halyard (saving us the $200 the local rigger charges to do it), and I sent him up the mast to replace the line. 

Going up the mast is never a fun endeavor, but going up the mast knowing you need to detach the line that brought you up there at the very top makes it… a bit more stressful. However, I’m happy to report that Ray made it down safely, and our knock-off halyard has been replaced with the real deal! 

On to the next project: fixing the wind turbine. 

We may or may not have dropped a crucial piece of our wind turbine’s guts in the water while trying to repair it on anchor a while ago… so we ordered a replacement part and decided to give it another go while tied to the dock. Ray performed a risky balancing act (see pics below) while I handed him tools, and miraculously neither he nor any wind turbine parts took a swim! Phew! Our wind turbine is back in action. 

So, what now?

We’re waiting on one last package to arrive (a breaker for our air conditioner that needed to be shipped from France), then we’ll be on our way! We’re excited to get moving again but bummed to have cut our time in Brunswick short… What’s that saying? A sailor’s plans are always written in sand? At low tide? That’s life. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Anyway, maybe I’ll have some sailing to tell ya about next week! Who knows! ⛵️

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