Dock Life in Brunswick, Georgia

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 5/22/2022 – 5/29/2022

You can watch our latest YouTube video here! Parts of this video are from last week, but we’ll be back to real time next week!

Anyway, here’s how our week’s been-

Last Sunday, we did some much-needed cleaning. I tackled the inside of the boat while Ray got started on the cockpit! I really should’ve taken a before picture, but Ray did a fantastic job scrubbing away some stubborn mold on our mesh sunshades and line bags. Here’s the line bag-

It was NOT white before! It looks brand new now! 👏🏼

We decided to venture into town that afternoon for happy hour. We came across a spot called Reid’s Apothecary, which, as the daughter of a pharmacist, I appreciated the “Rx” logo and cocktail menu headings “common prescriptions,” “new age prescriptions,” and “non-alcoholic prescriptions.” 😂

We quickly befriended the bartenders and decided to stay for their “Sunday Supper Special,” which was delicious southern comfort food. I’m certain we’ll be back! 

Monday morning, I decided to go for a long walk to check the rest of the town out. The architecture reminds me of St. Augustine, but they have trees dripping in moss similar to Savannah

This town doesn’t seem to be touristy at all; in fact, I turned quite a few heads on my walk, making me think it’s not too often the locals see a stranger here. 😂 Overall, it seems very nice! There are a lot of unique restaurants to choose from; there’s a brewery, a rum distillery/tasting room, and a park every couple of blocks. Not a bad place to hang out for a bit! 

I had big plans for the rest of the afternoon but ended up just waiting around for the refrigerator repairman. He said he’d stop by “in the afternoon” but showed up around 5:30 pm instead. 😂 Luckily, he was worth waiting for! He seemed very knowledgeable, and our top-loading refrigerator, which has been busted for a few months now, is currently at 43 degrees. 👏🏼 We also found out he works on air conditioners, so he’ll be coming back to look at one of our units that keeps shutting itself off. 

By the time he left, there were only 30mins left of the marina happy hour. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the marina clubhouse has free wine and beer for guests from 5-7 pm, so we wandered over, hoping to at least grab a free beer before they closed. We made it just in time, met a few other guests, and checked out the clubhouse amenities before heading back to the boat, just as a storm was rolling in. 

We showered, changed into PJs, watched Ozark, and listened to the rain until we fell asleep. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty uneventful. I went for a couple more walks and polished some of our stainless in the mornings, but it was too hot to bother doing anything else the rest of the day. We hung out in the AC and worked on anything we could do from our phones (travel plans, ordering parts, scheduling contractors, editing videos). 

Friday morning, the person we scheduled to clean the bottom of the boat stopped by and let us know he’d be working on Sabado that afternoon. We decided to preemptively walk to the ATM to be ready to pay him when needed. About halfway to the ATM, the sky got dark and stormy… We started running but got caught in a downpour anyway. We were soaked by the time we got back to the boat! The bottom cleaner had to reschedule, and the rest of the day looked like this:

We tried to make the most of it by getting some cleaning done and reading. When it didn’t let up, we called it a night, made some chicken noodle soup, and watched a movie. 

Yesterday we were excited to wake up to blue skies and sunshine! We poked around town for a bit before settling on a spot for brunch. I spent the afternoon filming a chunk of our next YouTube video, then Ray and I went out for a scooter ride before dinner. 

Today looks like another beautiful day, so we’re hoping to walk to the coffee shop and take the dinghy around to check out the area out from the water! 

That’s all I have to report for now, I hope you had a great week. ❤️ 

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