Pacific Crossing Day 4: Searching for Wind

Our first shifts last night were 5 hours on/5 hours off, and I feel like a new woman! It’s amazing what a little extra uninterrupted sleep will do. Three dolphins visited me in the dark, playing in the bioluminescence. They acted like they thought it was just as cool as I did, splashing about and twisting around as the water lit up around them. The ocean was otherwise silky smooth; there wasn’t a breath of wind. Our starboard engine pushed us forward at 4.5-5kn. 

We reverted to 3-hour shifts after sunrise, still adjusting to life on passage. I watched a massive pod of dolphins swimming in the distance. There may have been a couple of whales out there, too, but they were too far away for me to be sure. They didn’t come by to say hello. We hardly saw any dolphins in the Caribbean, so it’s been exciting seeing them multiple times a day now! 

We altered course after breakfast per our weather router’s advice to chase down a 2kn favorable current. Shortly after, we found a bit of wind! Ray brought the gennaker out and turned off the engine. Ahhhh, peace and quiet! 

It was overcast most of the day, and we savored the break from the sun. As we continued, the seas became bouncy, and our wind dissipated. We furled in the gennaker around 4pm and turned the engine back on. It was fun while it lasted! I spent the rest of the afternoon editing our next YouTube video and Ray tracked down some squeaks, tightening this and lubricating that (nothing concerning).

We ate dinner together at the helm while Sabado bobbed up and down with the waves. I didn’t realize how spoiled we’d been with the comfortable sea state our first three days. We only made it ~120 miles today, but crew morale is high. As I’m posting this, the sun is setting, and it looks like it will be a squally night. 

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  1. I love reading about your travels across the Pacific! Sleep deprivation is no fun (speaking from experience with twin newborns 37 years ago). It’s the little things that keep you going…time together watching a sunset, dolphins playfully swimming by, and wind in your sails.

  2. These updates are so treasured – thank you for taking the time to share! All of the love and wishes for fair winds ❤️

  3. Holly love reading these daily updates!! Fair winds and beautiful day tomorrow! Cheers!

  4. Love reading daily updates! Feels like we are there with you! Thanks for taking us along! Love you!😘

  5. dolphins in bioluminescence waters! that’s one of those images that will never leave your mind!

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