You Don’t Need a Watermaker to Make Cocktails!

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 2/14/2021 – 2/21/2021

Here is the link for this week’s video! Anyway, let’s hop right in-

Last Sunday we were trapped on the boat in Musha Cay due to high winds and choppy seas. So, we got some boat chores done and relaxed! Ray ate a can of black olives for breakfast Monday morning… so we knew we needed to get to a place with a grocery store ASAP. So, we decided to go back up to Black Point. We left Monday morning, motorsailed with our jib, and arrived that afternoon! 

We hopped in the water to make sure our anchor was set and hung out on board for a while before heading to shore for an early dinner. 

The next day we walked around to assess our grocery store prospects. Luckily, the first store we went into had enough to get us through! We picked up a few things, headed back home, and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the outside of the boat and scraping the hulls. Here’s a little before and after of that afternoon’s progress (it’s definitely a multi-day job for me):

That evening we ventured out to the local bar, had a few margaritas, and convinced the bartender to sell us a bottle of rum to take home.

On Thursday we went on a little hike in search of Black Point’s blowhole. We didn’t look for it last time we were here, but better late than never! Our hike took us to the other side of the island…

…and after a few wrong turns, we found it! 

That night we saw the mail boat come to the island, which means there was a food delivery. So, we made a second stop at the grocery store on Friday to see what we could get. We scored some fresh fruits, meats and veggies- and were very happy about it!

Later that afternoon we had some water maker troubles. We thought the problem was the thru-hole so both Ray and I dove under the boat and cleaned it up. Unfortunately though, that did not solve the problem. 

After tinkering around with everything, it turns out the boost pump is busted. After a brief panic period where we thought we’d have to head back to the States, we made a few calls and sorted out a (very expensive and over complicated) way to get a new pump delivered to us next week.  

Thank god we don’t need water to make cocktails though. Ray saved the day with a couple of dark and stormys! 

Saturday morning I uploaded our YouTube video, organized our hard drive of footage, and Ray figured out a way to bypass the booster pump and make some water! We ran the water maker for a few hours, but it’s definitely not a long term solution, so we made plans to wait out this next cold front here at Black Point, then head over to Staniel Cay to pick up the replacement pump on our way down to Georgetown.

The front eased its way into our anchorage Saturday afternoon. Things were a bit bouncy through the night, and we’re currently seeing 25-28kn of wind. It’s supposed to continue like this until around 2am tomorrow, so we’re making some bread (our batteries are fully charged thanks to this wind!), and settling in for the day!

I hope you all had a great week. ☺️

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