Trying Black Point’s FAMOUS Coconut French Toast

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 2/7/2021 – 2/14/2021

Happy Valentine’s Day! You can watch this week’s video here. 🙂

Last Sunday we motored to Black Point and dropped our anchor. It seems like every cruiser we’ve talked to about Black Point says you’ve got to do your laundry there, and pick up a loaf of coconut bread for French toast- so that’s what we did. Rumor has it these two little old ladies run the island, Ida and Lorraine, and they hate each other (no one seems to know why). Ida owns the laundromat, and Lorraine owns the bar/restaurant. We stopped at Lorraine’s first, had some fantastic food, and picked up this famous coconut bread we had heard so much about. The bread is sold by Lorraine herself, from the kitchen in her home right next door to her restaurant. We made French toast with it the next morning and completely understand why it’s been recommended to us so frequently.

On Monday we checked out Ida’s laundromat. It’s expensive to actually do your laundry there, but it’s a pretty nice facility, and they offer heaps of other things. You can get your haircut or order a hotdog while you wait for your laundry, buy anything from cleaning supplies to eggs to PVC pipe from the store it’s attached to, or even take a shower and/or rent a room upstairs! Talk about diversifying your income sources.

At this point, we had built up too much laundry to do it in our little washing machine on board, so we hauled it all to shore and hung out at Ida’s for the afternoon. 

Aside from that, there didn’t seem to be much going on in Black Point. So, we headed home and spent the day setting up and hanging out under our new sun shade! 

This thing is fantastic. It makes the bow and the salon significantly cooler! We loved it. We sat on our bean bags, I edited some footage, and Ray read his book. 

The next day the wind was practically begging us to sail South… so we did. We used our main and our jib, and tacked our way right up to a stunning beach just North of White Point. We dropped our anchor, packed our lunches, and took the dinghy to shore. 

We spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing, before heading home, watching the sunset, and cooking dinner. 

The next day we decided to make another small hop South. We sailed for about 2hrs and ended up just North of Musha Cay. We hung out there until Saturday, hoping to check out the sand bars nearby. Unfortunately though, the tides weren’t cooperating with our plans… we’ll have to come back when low tide is lower (aka the next full moon). 

On Friday we decided to motor South a smidge more. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was hitting the water just right!

We anchored in Musha Cay, right next to the caves, and spent the day taking the dinghy around checking out all the dive spots. 

That night we were woken up by our anchor alarm. We went outside to check on everything and- after determining everything was fine- we noticed the stars! I wish there was a way for me to capture them for you, but we saw the most stars I’ve ever seen in my life! We stayed up on the bow for a bit admiring them before heading back to bed. 

The next day we hung out at home, doing some cleaning and making some plans for provisioning. We picked up some eggs and a few veggies back in Highbourne Cay last month, but we haven’t properly grocery shopped since Miami, and supplies are dwindling on board. We were originally planning on getting to Georgetown soon (there are a few bigger grocery stores there), but the weather has other plans for us… So, it’s likely we’ll head back to Staniel Cay to pick up some things to hold us over until the winds are better for a trip to Georgetown (unless I become a master spear fisher in the meantime, of course).

I’ve spent this morning organizing our hard drive of video footage and clearing out all our SD cards. It’s pretty breezy out right now, but hopefully things will calm down soon and we can get our dinghy in the water and go explore some more! 

I hope you have a great day. ❤️

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