Pacific Crossing Roundup

Are you planning a Pacific crossing? Here is a list of all the content we posted about ours linked in one place. Bookmark this page for easy access to heaps of information from transiting the Panama Canal, making landfall in French Polynesia, and everything in between! 

Blog posts:

YouTube videos:

  • Preparing to Sail Across the Pacific Ocean
    • In this video, we discuss what we did while hauled out in the Caribbean to prepare for our time in the Pacific. 
  • Transiting the Panama Canal
    • This video documents our one-day canal transit, followed by an honest conversation about our experience afterward. 
  • Provisioning
    • In this video, we show you the different grocery store options in Panama and take you along for our dry/canned goods haul. 
  • Crossing Part 1 
    • Our fresh food provisioning trip + our departure from Vista Mar Marina.
  • Crossing Part 2
    • Navigating through storms, making repairs, and crossing the equator!
  • Crossing Part 3
    • Fighting frustrations through the doldrums. 
  • Crossing Part 4
    • The final days of our passage + arriving in French Polynesia!
  • Crossing Q&A 
    • In this video, we answered some questions about the expectations and reality of our trip. We share our fuel consumption, average and maximum SOG, what worked, what broke, and what we wish we’d done differently. 

Did we miss anything? Let us know if you have any additional questions in the comments. 🙂 

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  1. Holly, this post is fantastic! I find these posts extremely helpful even though we aren’t planning a Pacific crossing. Keep up the good work and happy sailing!

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