Pacific Crossing Day 11: Hello, wind!

Last night was miserable. It felt like we were riding a mechanical bull for hours on end. It’s not particularly better today, but everything seems easier in the daylight. The only thing that would make these conditions worse would be if we had to motor- thankfully, we sailed the entire night. Using our main on the first reef and our jib, we maintained SOG 7.5-8kn throughout the day. 

Crew morale was high despite the sloppy seas. We were making great time in the right direction! Ray did his usual lap around the boat, looking for chafe or anything out of sorts. Sabado has been holding up well. I participated in the Olympic sport that is putting together a meal in rough seas (I’ve exponentially improved at this over the years), and we switched off resting/keeping watch as Sabado plowed onward through the waves. It was an otherwise uneventful day. Ray tracked down a new and incredibly obnoxious squeak in the saloon, and I managed to get some footage for our next YouTube video edited. For both of us, most of the day was spent in the beanbag chair next to the helm, staring up at the sails. It was sunny and just the right temperature- a beautiful day to be out sailing. 

We decided to fly the gennaker for a few hours before dark, boosting our SOG to 10kn. 

We made our turn west and are heading straight to the Marquesas Islands now. I have one hand gripping the edge of the galley counter as I’m posting this, preparing dinner. Hopefully, tonight is equally windy but less bouncy! 

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  1. Loved the Olympic dinner efforts! Can only imagine the challenges in chasing downt squicks!! Thank you so much for the updates!! Cheers and fair winds!!

  2. We are so excited for you and this passage! Hopefully, Andy and I will be doing that as well in the coming year or so. Love your video’s and your super positive perspective on everything! Wishing you continued safe sailing and following seas. You are part of our inspiration!

    1. Wow, thank you, Todd! How exciting for you and Andy, if you have any questions we could answer to help with your planning process please don’t hesitate to reach out! Fair winds. 🙂

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