Homemade Yogurt

Made with shelf-stable milk! 🐄

We started making our own yogurt with shelf-stable milk in the Bahamas, where refrigerated dairy products were hard to find. Now, we prefer it, even when we can find it in-store! After lots of trial and error, here is our recipe:

1 carton of shelf-stable whole milk (UHT)

3/4c powdered whole milk 

1 packet of yogurt starter culture (we use this one) or 50mL of yogurt with live probiotics

Combine the (room temperature) milk and powdered milk in a large bowl and whisk until combined, then add in yogurt starter and mix thoroughly. Pour into a glass jar, cover it with a lid, and place it in your Bear Yogurt Maker.

Select the “yogurt” function, and increase the timer to 10-12hrs for tangy, thick yogurt. Once the cycle is complete, remove the jar and let it chill in the fridge overnight. Your yogurt will be ready to eat the following morning!

Eat it Sabado Style: With fresh berries and our favorite homemade granola

Notes: We like to make a batch of plain yogurt and flavor it by individual servings so we can switch it up whenever we want! Add a tablespoon or two of jam/jelly/fruit preserves to a single serving of plain yogurt for fruit-flavored yogurt. For vanilla yogurt, add a splash of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk (or honey). This recipe makes ~6 servings.

If you try it, send us a pic on Instagram @sv_sabado!

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  1. Sounds yummy! I haven’t been able to find whole milk either in a stable form or powdered. But I’d love to try it when I do.

    1. If it’s not with the non-dairy shelf stable milks, we typically find it in the section with the baby formula! We always stock up when it’s available since it doesn’t take up precious real estate in the fridge🐄

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