Happy New Year! An update from Sabado & crew…

Hello, and Happy New Year!

Let’s catch up:

We hauled Sabado out of the water on December 20th and flew out to spend the holidays with our family in Mexico. Our trip was filled with golf, freshly caught mahi mahi, beautiful views, and vicious family card games (have you ever played Uno No Mercy? It’s brutal!). Here are a few photos:

We flew back to Saint Martin after New Year’s and spent a few days recovering from whatever illness we caught at the airport. 😷 We’ve spent the rest of the week walking back and forth from the boatyard to our hotel, meeting with contractors and ticking things off our to-do list. I promise I’ll tell you more about it, but I’m still quite sick, and the brainpower it would take to write out the details is beyond my current capabilities. 🤒 We managed to get a YouTube video out, though, and it’s a fun one! I compiled interview clips I’ve been collecting of cruisers we’ve hung out with while sailing the Caribbean. In the video, four different couples talk about their most memorable moments, what their lives were like before cruising, and their advice for others pursuing this lifestyle! You can watch it here.

The yard is closed today, so we’ll likely sit around twiddling our thumbs… We’re hoping to splash within the next few days and resume our life on the water. 🌊

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