2023 Year in Review

As the year comes to an end, we decided to round up a few statistics, milestones, and memories to share… 

Countries visited: 12

Miles sailed: 13,925 miles

Maximum Speed Over Ground (SOG): 11.7 knots

Total water made: 4,000 gallons 

Total power generated: 2,892 kilowatt hours (2,450KwH from solar and 442KwH from the generator)

Number of guests: 14

Notable projects/upgrades:

  • We made the switch to LiFePO4 batteries in February 2023. With 900Ah of battery capacity and 1800Kw of solar, we have been living comfortably while keeping Starlink on, regularly running our water maker, and using electric galley appliances.

Social media: This year, we received 223,063 views on Youtube, made 44 Instagram posts and 28 Patreon posts (we started our Patreon on October 18th! Thank you to our Patrons for your support. ❤️), and one full year of Behind the Scenes posts. 

Favorite purchases of 2023: 

  • We replaced our gas oven with this electric multi-purpose unit after switching to Lithium. We use it all the time and love it! 
  • We replaced our Yamaha 20HP 4-stroke outboard engine with a Yamaha Enduro 25HP 2-stroke outboard engine. It has been significantly faster and more reliable than our old one!

Favorite memories of 2023: 

Having our friends and family join us for our wedding in the British Virgin Islands… 

Tying our dinghy to the stern of our friend’s boat to watch a local band perform in their cockpit… 

Swimming with turtles every day in the US Virgin Islands…

Taking a cooking class in Grenada at a local chef’s home using produce we picked from his garden…

Baking our first loaf of sourdough bread on the boat… 

Cheers to a wonderful year, and many more to come! 🥂🍾

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  1. What a great year! Wishing you and Ray a happy and healthy new year wherever the wind and seas take you!

  2. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I am so happy for you living the dream, and wish you the best always.

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