July 2023: Behind the Scenes

Between our YouTube Channel and our blog, we share a lot of our life on the water. However, there are always things that go undocumented. Over the years, we have met plenty of new liveaboards who feel like they were “duped” into this lifestyle by its romanticized portrayal on social media. In our experience, living full-time on a boat is expensive, it is hard work, and it is time-consuming. Is it worth it? For us, yes. Is it worth it for you? I’m not sure!

So, in an effort to paint a more realistic picture of boat life, here is a bullet-point list of things we failed to document in July 2023:

  • Ray scrubbed the teak in our cockpit twice. 
  • I polished our stainless twice. 
  • We defrosted the front loader fridge once. Despite the heat here in Grenada, our refrigeration has been performing well! 
  • We noticed some chafing on the line that lifts our dinghy davits, so we purchased a replacement for ~$50.00.
  • Palm Tree Marine performed valve adjustments and a coolant flush on both engines. We also had them rebuild our old raw water pumps (one for Yanmar engines and one for our generator) to keep as spares. We paid ~$1300.00. 
  • We paid $1.65 per foot per night to stay at Clarkes Court Marina while the engine work was completed. 
  • We lost one of our bean bag chairs in a storm, so we ordered a new one for ~$150.00
  • Our dinghy outboard failed to start. A local mechanic serviced it, and we paid him $111.00.

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