Storms & Snorkeling at Ronde Island

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 7/9/2023 – 7/16/2023

You can watch this week’s YouTube video here. 🙂

We spent last Sunday relaxing. We were anchored off of Ronde Island, a private island between Carriacou and Grenada. The sun was out, and the water was calm. In 2007, Ronde Island was listed for sale at $100,000,000, making it the most expensive island property in the world at the time. It is still for sale today!

We spent last week exploring more of Carriacou, but I couldn’t bring myself to write or edit a video. I think the heat here has dramatically impacted both of us. Our energy levels have been incredibly low! So, we took some time to care for each other and recharge. We had breakfast, did some yoga, and went for a swim. The sand was dark, a different backdrop for snorkeling than the white sand I’ve grown accustomed to. Honestly, it felt kind of spooky!

In place of established coral heads, there were fields of moss with chunks of bright coral throughout, something I hadn’t seen before!

On my way back to the boat, I saw a small octopus. I’d never seen one outside of an aquarium; I was so excited!🐙 It seemed to be holding onto (or maybe eating?) something long and white… any ideas as to what this could be?! It looked too smooth to be a piece of coral, and I couldn’t find any information online!

A few other boats arrived that afternoon. We were anticipating some bad weather that evening, so we got our chores done before it began. Ray did our laundry, hung it out to dry, and I polished our stainless steel. The clouds rolled in just before sunset.

It was relatively calm until 2am when we were awoken by rain pounding on the fiberglass and wind howling through the rigging. Ray jumped out of bed, ran up top, and noticed that one of our beanbags was missing from the bow. In the dark with 30kn winds, it was a goner. He carried the other one back into the cockpit. We scanned the anchorage. Luckily, no one had anchored in front of us, so we didn’t have to worry about someone dragging into Sabado. We saw several other boats turning on their lights and checking their positions. We stayed up until the wind died.

The clouds hung around Monday, so we stayed put and did some pre-Pacific planning. We’re hoping to cross the Panama Canal and head over to French Polynesia next year, and we want to make sure Sabado is in excellent condition for the trip. So, we put together a list of projects we want to complete beforehand and began making the necessary arrangements to start checking things off! 

Tuesday morning, we left Ronde and motored back to Grenada. The current was strong, and the wind was light, so we didn’t bother putting up our sails.

We motored to St. George’s, hopped onto a mooring ball, and went to shore for a late lunch. We returned to the boat, did some chores, and lounged in the heat. We watched the nearby resort’s fireworks show that night and went to bed early.😴

Wednesday morning, we defrosted our fridge/freezer. We intended to go grocery shopping that afternoon but ultimately got too lazy. I’m telling you, our energy levels have been LOW lately! Every task feels like 10x the work, and my limbs feel like they weigh 100lbs each. Grocery-less, we decided to head to shore for a dinner date! We went to Sails Restaurant & Bar and had a fabulous waterfront meal.

Thursday morning, we walked to the grocery store. We’ve decided to try prioritizing more protein/fat and cut back on carbs in hopes of increasing our energy levels, so we attempted to shop accordingly. Unfortunately, the store closest to us seemed to be having some refrigeration issues… we picked up what we could and made plans to do a more thorough re-provision at a larger store next week. We spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing the boat while scattered storms rolled through.

The past two days have looked like this:

We’ve been trapped on the boat by rain. We ran our generator yesterday to give the batteries a good charge and have been passing the time with TV shows and computer work. However, I’m happy to report that the sun has returned for my birthday today! I woke up to its warm, familiar glow and breakfast and coffee made by Ray. ❤️

When I first moved aboard Sabado, I thought birthdays and holidays would be difficult being so far away from friends and family, but this is my fourth birthday as a liveaboard, and Ray has made each one so special. ❤️

I hope you had a great week! ❤️

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