We’re Back! Life + Boat Work Update

Hi everyone! We’re back on YouTube! Did you see our latest video?

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to check in on us these past few months- I apologize for the lack of updates! Let me get you up to speed…

We hauled our boat out of the water the first week of August and got her settled in the boatyard before flying to San Antonio, Texas to visit my family. After a week of good food, great wine, and even better company, we flew to Miami to meet up with our friends for a weekend trip to the Florida Keys. We drove down to Key West and spent a few days exploring and relaxing before driving back up to the boatyard to check on Sabado. 

We spent a few days commuting from our Airbnb to the boatyard each morning, doing a few hours of work a day until it got too hot to continue. 

We flew back to San Antonio in early September to handle some routine land tasks: we visited the dentist, went to a few doctors appointments, etc., before heading up to Austin for a trip down memory lane (Ray used to own a house there). We went to all of his old favorite restaurants and did the usual sightseeing, and Ray proposed!!❤️ It was dreamy and romantic and absolutely perfect.☺️ I said yes, and my parents drove up to Austin a couple of days later to celebrate with us. ❤️

Next, we flew to Savannah, Georgia for a weekend getaway that was full of bike rides and cocktails (not at the same time though, don’t worry).

Once we decided we’d had our fill of the South, we headed up North. We spent a few days in Spokane, Washington, before driving to Ronan, Montana, where we stayed in the cutest cabin surrounded by mountains. We truly had the best time in Montana- we hiked in Glacier National Park, watched the local wildlife, and just enjoyed some time away from big cities! It was my first time in Montana and it really was exactly how I’d imagined.

We ended up spending two weeks there before flying to Portland, Oregon, where we were welcomed with open arms by Ray’s friends! Ray hadn’t been back to Portland in years, so we spent our time catching up with old friends and former co-workers.

Here are a few photos from our travels: 

Anyway, we flew back to Florida this week and although we’re already missing our friends and family, we are thrilled to be back in the heat!

We’ve been driving to the boat yard every morning to visit Sabado, but the bulk of our projects lately have been done from our Airbnb’s living room. So far we’ve ordered a new solar panel, updated our first aid kit, restocked our medicine cabinet, designed our boat cards, planned out our ditch bag, and spent hours trying to track down/sort out our new helm seat and sails. COVID has drastically delayed the bulk of our upgrades due to supply and labor shortages, so we’ve been left scrambling. Luckily, we were able to get our helm seat shipped and order sails from a different company, local to Florida, that uses only materials made in the USA (we’re hoping that will keep further delays to a minimum). 

Our goal is to get everything squared away in time to put Sabado back in the water after Thanksgiving. We’ve loved our land adventures these past few months, but we’re ready to get back to our floating home! ☺️

PS: I noticed the other day that half of the emojis I usually include in these posts convert to question marks on our website?! Why didn’t any of you tell me?! That must have been a pain to read, I sincerely apologize!!

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