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A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 6/13/2021 – 6/20/2021

This week was a blur! We spent all day Sunday hauling bins from the boat to the car, to the storage unit. We made great progress, and got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff we had on board in the process.

Monday and Tuesday were like Christmas! All the organizational supplies, new clothes, and equipment we ordered seemed to arrive all at once. Having a shipping address is so exciting!

I started on the starboard hull while Ray tackled the port side

One of my goals for this hurricane season is to optimize our storage space on board, but our irregular shaped shelves have always made that tough. In the past, we’ve used some trays and baskets, but no combination of those seemed to fit properly. We always had gaps on the sides and tons of unused vertical space, which resulted in us piling things into cabinets, making it hard to get to anything or even know what we have. So, I spent a few hours measuring and mapping things out… literally.

It worked like a charm! I was able to reorganize 6 cabinets worth of stuff into only 3 cabinets! Now we have tons of extra space that we can use when we want to stock up on things before we leave the US again.

Meanwhile, Ray cleaned out our forward cabin which we have converted to storage space (we call it our garage), and the forepeaks. He was able to get rid of a lot of unnecessary (and heavy!) things we had held on to, and moved the rest into our storage unit so we can take our time deep cleaning and organizing the space. 

On Thursday Ray replaced our stereo and finished planning + ordering everything else we need to revamp our nav station. I sorted through all our canned and dried foods, and did a little stainless polishing. 

That afternoon I walked right into the prongs of a parked forklift. I was carrying a few baskets so I couldn’t see where I was walking, and I took the metal part straight to my shin. It swelled up pretty quickly, so I spent the evening icing it, eating ice cream, and watching movies with Ray. ❤️

Friday morning we went to get my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and stopped at Home Depot on the way back to the boat to get some tools we need for an upcoming project. 

I was sick all day Saturday from the vaccine, so I spent the entire day in bed while Ray did a few things around the boat by himself. 

I’m feeling much better today and am excited to get back to work! We still have so much to do before we haul Sabado out of the water…

I hope you all had a great week! ❤️

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