A Week of Bad Weather

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 3/28/2021 – 4/4/2021

Check out this week’s video here!

Last Sunday we successfully installed our new start battery in our starboard engine compartment! The one we bought was a bit smaller than the one we had in there before, so we wedged a Tupperware container and a sponge in the bin next to the battery to keep it from getting slammed around when we move. It’s a little unorthodox, but it’ll do! We’ll replace both of our start batteries with more reliable/higher quality ones when we get back to the US (there aren’t a lot of options here and something is better than nothing in the meantime).

We spent the rest of the day celebrating and relaxing.

On Tuesday we were hit with a little rainstorm!

We hid inside, reading, and watching Miami Vice (Ray’s latest attempt to teach me about shows/movies/music that came out before I was born). 

The storm continued Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, AND SATURDAY off and on. We had winds gusting up to 30kn, and boats dragging anchor left and right. We alternated between watching zombie movies and watching the boats around us. We even heard several reports of nearby moorings breaking and boats ending up on the beach, which made us all the more thankful to have invested in a good quality, oversized anchor… we didn’t move an inch! ⚓️

On the plus side, all the extra downtime this week allowed me to learn some new audio editing techniques, so I’m pretty happy with how the sound on our latest video turned out! There’s so much that goes into filming and editing, and I love learning new tricks. It’s always fun to be able to turn a boring week into a cool video! I hope you enjoyed it, too. ❤️

We spent the rest of the day Saturday watching a windsurfer go back and forth across the harbor… maybe we need to take up wind surfing so we’ll have an activity on days like this?

Today is Easter, which neither of us particularly celebrate. We’re still seeing pretty high winds, and I’m sure the sea state around the cuts is a mess from the storm, so we won’t be leaving today but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a safe + comfortable departure window soon! 

I hope you had a great week!

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