A Productive Week in Charleston, SC

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 10/18/20 – 10/25/20

This week was very productive for us! We stayed docked in Charleston, where we spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday running errands and tearing the boat apart. Ray started by reorganizing our forward cabin, which we’ve converted into our garage (it’s where we keep all our tools, spare parts, baggage, etc.), and I worked on consolidating our food storage and reorganizing the rest of the inside.

On Wednesday we hired a diver to clean the bottom of the boat and on Thursday a team came to clean the outside + inside, which was such a treat! 

I was also able to provision and fix up some of our decor (we’re trying to make Sabado more home-y), and Ray replaced our reefing line, serviced both engines + the generator, and fixed up some outside things that had been bugging us (including installing a screen door that’ll keep the bugs out which we’re both very excited about). So by Friday, we really felt like we had it all together. 

Here are a few photos from the week that make me happy: 

*Obviously we still need to print some pics for those frames. 

I also planted some herbs and sprouts this week, which have already started growing!! 

While we were fixing up the boat all week, this was our front yard:

The USS Yorktown is a naval aircraft carrier that now is a museum open to the public! Ray and I explored it our first time in Charleston, and although I was disappointed that the women’s exhibit was in the museum’s cafe, I have to admit it was pretty cool *this is coming from a museum hater*. You get to walk and climb around the ship on your own and see all the aircrafts, the crew’s quarters, the healthcare facilities, engine rooms, kitchen, etc. 

Charleston was the first place we sailed on our way north once I moved aboard, so staying at this marina again, with this view, on our way south is extra special to me. 

We spent Saturday (and will be spending the rest of the day today) running our last few errands, getting Sabado ready to move again, and planning our route. It’s looking like we’ll leave tomorrow and head to St. Augustine, then we’re planning on hanging around South Florida/the Keys for a while so we can watch how the Bahamas 11/1 reopening goes before we head that way. 

Have you been to the Florida Keys? If so, where should we go? What was your favorite island? Comment and let us know!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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