Pajamas and Storms

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 9/20/2020- 9/27/2020

We ended up deciding to leave Pocasset Sunday afternoon since there wasn’t much to do and we were rafted up in shallow waters with a significant amount of wind. So, we made a quick 1.5hr trip and dropped anchor in Mattapoisett! Unfortunately, the wind was too strong to comfortably take our dinghy to shore, so we hung out at home and had dinner on Jamie’s boat that night.

On Monday afternoon we checked the projections for Hurricane Teddy again- things had changed and it was looking like we were going to experience significant impacts. So, we pulled up our anchor and booked it to New Bedford. We picked up a mooring ball behind their hurricane gate and waited out the storm. We hardly felt anything where we were, it just got a bit breezy, so we definitely made the right choice moving there! 

The rest of our time in New Bedford was pretty uneventful, it’s a commercial fishing town so there isn’t much to do, and the parts of town worth going to were mostly closed because of COVID so we were left to entertain ourselves at home (which we did). 

We left New Bedford on Friday, and had a 7hr trip to Newport. We motored the entire way, but we were thankful to have had some sunshine and were happy to be moving! Here’s a shot Jamie got of us from his boat: 

We anchored in Newport Friday afternoon and went to town Saturday. Newport is very busy, a welcomed change of pace from the tiny, quiet towns we’ve been in lately! We got lunch and shopped around with Jamie and Vivian.

Newport is super cute, and from what we saw it seems to be taking COVID pretty seriously- mandatory mask zones, contact tracing at restaurants, and even police cars driving throughout the city announcing over loudspeakers “you are in a mandatory mask zone, you should be wearing your mask at this time.” 

We’ve also found someone to work on our generator here in Newport! He can squeeze us in on Tuesday, so we’re looking forward to that being potentially productive. 

Other than that, things were pretty calm this week! We’ve been enjoying hiding from the cold at home and hanging out with Jamie and Vivian. We’re excited to explore more of Newport next week, and keep heading South!

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