Our Journey North Continues

A Week Aboard S/V Sabado: 5/2/2021 – 5/9/2021

Let’s start off the day with a quick re-cap-

Ray and I have been in the Bahamas since January, and have loved every minute of it! We sailed as far South as Ragged Island, and are now working our way back North for hurricane season. We ended last week anchored in George Town, with a lot of nautical miles still between us and the USA.

Okay, now let’s talk about what happened this week-

Last Sunday we ran our washing machine for the first time off of the inverter! I realize that probably doesn’t make sense to most of you, so let me try to explain… Before Sunday, we had only used our washing machine when we’re running the generator (which we hardly ever do), or when we’re at a dock, plugged into shore power. If we needed clean clothes while moored or on anchor, we’d usually hand wash them or head to a laundromat. Technically though, our washer is set up to run off our boat’s power supply, but we’ve never been brave enough to test it out of fear we’d fry our batteries. On Sunday morning though, we were feeling courageous (and were generating lots of solar power), so we ran a small load and I’m excited to report that it worked just fine, and we now have clean clothes again. 👏🏼 

Tuesday morning we decided to leave George Town and sail North to Black Point. We had 10-12kn of wind for most of the day, so we used our mainsail and our jib, averaging an SOG of 5.5-6kn. 

The wind died just as we were approaching the cut, so we dropped our sails and motored through a pretty confused sea state from the current/tide changes. We had both engines on and we were only going 3kn! 

The trip took us a total of 8hrs. We dropped anchor in Black Point that evening, and Ray made me dinner. ☺️

Wednesday morning we headed out with the intent of sailing to Shroud Cay, but when we ended up with less than half of the forecasted wind, we called it quits early and dropped anchor in Sampson Cay instead. 

Anchoring in Sampson Cay this time around was a bit annoying. With tourist season in full swing, it was no longer the zen, fairly secluded anchorage we had experienced before. This time, there were an insane amount of super yachts and charter boats, plus a slew of small speed boats schlepping tourists back and forth every 10mins all day everyday- zooming right past us without a care in the world, leaving us bouncing around in their wake. 

Despite this, I hopped in the water to scrape the bottom of the boat because we had been losing about 1-1.5kn of speed from the growth below the waterline. The job took me ages (I’m still working on my free diving skills) and between being swamped by the constant wakes and fighting the current, I was working way harder than I should’ve been to support a long breath hold. 

Luckily, the effort paid off. We left Sampson Cay the next day and our speed was back on track. We had left under the assumption we’d be motoring all day, but were pleasantly surprised when we got some light winds a couple hours in! We even decided to fly our code zero, which is always a treat (the conditions we need to use the code zero are very specific, so we rarely get to use it)! It’s a huge sail, so here are my best attempts at taking a picture of it for you😂: 

We pulled into Shroud Cay later that afternoon, and dropped anchor amongst several super yachts. Let’s pause for a second and talk about my distaste for super yachts-

The best example was just the other day, when Ray and I were approaching Sampson Cay. There was a large super yacht coming up from behind us, and we were sailing. In this situation we are the stand-on vessel. So, we were expecting the yacht to alter its course to dodge us. When he got closer and hadn’t yet altered his course, we hailed him on the radio and asked if he wanted to switch to a working channel. Right off the bat he said “No, I’d rather not. You should just get out of my way or get out of the water.” I’m sorry, what??? We were slowly sailing along and he was quickly approaching, we couldn’t maneuver fast enough to get out of his way even if we wanted to. Ray asked him politely to take our stern and he came uncomfortably close to us, as if to prove a point. I’ve got about 10 other stories of super yacht captains acting like this. Additionally, super yacht guests are pretty inconsiderate- speeding through anchorages on their jet skis, expecting other cruisers to steer clear of them whenever they’re on the beach because they think of it as their private beach since their crew set up chairs for them early that morning, “claiming” it. I don’t blame the guests too much though, they probably know nothing about cruising and in their eyes they’ve paid a ton of money for their Bahamas experience so they should live it up!

Anyway, Shroud Cay was our favorite stop in the Exumas when we first came through in January, so I was disappointed to see that it too, was now overrun with big fancy yachts and groups of tourists- I guess this area becomes quite a hot spot during the summer months! That’s understandable though, it is gorgeous. 😍 Here is the video we made last time we were here if you’d like to relive it with us! This time around we stayed at home and let the vacationers enjoy it without us dirty, drunk sailors and our camera. 😂

We spent the day Saturday lounging around, nursing our hangovers (no one told us rum has alcohol in it!!😉) and dreaming of greasy American diner food. 

It was pretty hot all afternoon and we had no wind to cool us down, so I was thinking about going for a little swim until I noticed a swarm of tiny jellyfish around our boat. 😳

They’re each about the size of a penny. I had heard stories about the jellyfish here, but we didn’t see any in January! They were so small I had mistaken them for food scraps or seaweed at first! I don’t know if they sting, but I decided not to take my chances. 😂

Anyway, as I’m posting this we are on our way to Nassau, or maybe further if the wind is right!

I didn’t have a very good connection in Shroud Cay, so our YouTube video will likely be uploaded tonight from Nassau. In the meantime, make sure you’re subscribed, and click the bell icon so you won’t ever miss a video! 

I hope you had a lovely week! ❤️

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