6 Things That Change When You Move Onto a Boat

We’ve been docked in Cape Canaveral, Florida all month! We’ll be sure to post more weekly updates as soon as we have some sailing to tell you about. In the meantime, here are 6 things that change when you move aboard a boat:

  1. Your water usage.

When you have to make your own fresh water, you tend to be more mindful of how much you use and how you use it. Here are a few of the ways I’ve changed my water use habits since moving aboard:

Turn on the faucet to wet a dirty dish, off to scrub, on again to rinse, off again while I grab the next dish, and/or plugging the sink so I can scoop up and reuse the same soapy water as much as I can!

Only running the shower when I need to rinse and turning it off when scrubbing/shaving/lathering up.

Rarely do you actually need the full amount of water pressure. So, I turn the faucet on half way rather than fully when washing my face and hands

2. The products you use.

Using reef safe sunscreen, non-toxic shampoos, etc. is now a top priority since I live on the water

3. Cooking.

I can’t just take a quick trip to the store anymore! We make it to the grocery store once a month (if I’m lucky). Because of this, I’ve learned to make actual grocery lists, plan meals ahead of time, and use recipes as loose guidelines. I’ve figured out that white wine and chicken/vegetable stock are practically interchangeable in most recipes, flour or cornstarch will fix up any sauce when we’re out of cheese and cream, you can cook almost anything on the stove (our oven is tricky and our microwave takes a lot of power so we try not to use it), and you can make boxed mixes and canned goods yummy with a little extra effort!

I’ve also learned how to do more with less- make more food with less space, that is. I’ve learned to prep all my ingredients first so that I can put all the extras + their packaging away before I start cooking to make room for the dishes I’ll need when things are ready. I’ve gotten in the habit of cleaning as I go, and have stockpiled one pot meal recipes for lazy nights or rough conditions underway.

4. Your wardrobe/girly things.

I was never a particularly high maintenance gal, but the few things I did do have since taken a back seat. I’ve learned how to do my own eyebrows (kinda haha ?) and have gotten used to styling my hair without heat. The last time I had my nails painted or wore a full face of makeup was months ago, and if you see me wearing the same outfit for 3 days straight just pretend you didn’t! Between our limited storage space and constant sun and salt water exposure, I’ve learned that the simpler your wardrobe and beauty routine is, the better.

5. Fitness.

I used to run and do reformer/weighted pilates, but now all I have is 42ft and a yoga mat. I’ve learned that low impact body weight workouts are the way to go because exercises that require you to jump around get complicated when your floor is moving, and I prioritize running when it’s convenient- aka when we’re docked. It’s been an adjustment, but I’ve made it work! I’m excited to get somewhere with warmer waters so I can incorporate swimming into my workout routine next.

6. Scheduling/planning absolutely anything.

I used to be a big planner. Anything from dinners with friends to study schedules when I was in school- I’d plan it out weeks in advanced and be there, no matter what. However, when you live on a boat you can’t do that! You never know what’s going to happen- the weather could change, something serious could break, etc., forcing you to change your plans indefinitely. So, you have to learn to take everything one day at a time (and explain that to your friends and family who are trying to plan a trip to visit you)!